About us

  • UNO HEALTHCARE was established in 1996 as a pharmaceutical distributor providing fast and reliable pharmaceuticals and medical products to hospitals and physicians. We have then expanded our line of products to vaccines, plasma-derived products, oncology drugs, cardiovascular drugs, enzyme replacement therapies, hematology drugs , pulmonary/respiratory drugs and a variety of disposable medical products. We currently supply to several governmental agencies, hospitals, physicians and provide specialty support for patients to acquire pharmaceuticals not available in their countries.

  • UNO Healthcare offers over 200,000 different pharmaceuticals, other-the-counter products, and medical products for our customer base in over 20 countries. Our prices are very competitive in both generic and brand names. We offer CANADIAN and EUROPEAN PHARMACEUTICALS for customers outside the US territory. We specialize in researching “hard to find“ medicines from all around the world.

  • UNO Healthcare is licensed by the Florida Department of Health in the USA and is in full compliance with Good Distribution Practice(GDP). Our products are sourced from manufacturers that follow Good Manufacturing Practice(GMP) and provides Certificate of Analysis(COA) to ensure quality and compliance with legal requirements.

  • UNO Healthcare provides specialty services in transportation of refrigerated pharmaceuticals. Having already done over thousands of refrigerated shipments, we have experience in controlled temperature transportation requirements necessary for the refrigerated products to maintain its consistent temperature until arrival at the destination.

  • UNO Healthcare works in partnerships with pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies to help them maximize their international market penetration through our established international network giving them additional profits on their unused production capacity. We obtain regulatory approvals and registration with Federal Health Departments in each country in order to receive marketing approvals for product launch.

  • UNO Healthcare dedicates its time and efforts to research many new pharmaceuticals that are in clinical trials, in order to give an opportunity of survival to many patients that are awaiting a treatment of their devastating disease or hopefully a cure.